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The Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, in coordination with the Honors Program, serves as a hub for interdisciplinary activities on campus and as a home for both the Integrated Studies and the Individualized Studies baccalaureate degree programs. If you feel like you haven’t found a degree that fits your goals, we’ll help you create one.

Our students develop customized degree programs with one-on-one guidance from our helpful faculty—allowing them to hone their skills, enjoy unconventional opportunities, and join an engaged learning community. Take ownership of your education and reach your fullest potential in your unique area of study.


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Degrees Offered

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Integrated Studies Program

The Integrated Studies program allows students to choose two emphasis areas and combine them into a single major. Integrated Studies students develop their research and writing skills and demonstrate their learning in a capstone project focused on their interests and career goals.

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Individualized Studies Program

The Individualized Studies program allows students to incorporate courses from three or more disciplines into a major they design from scratch. Students pick their own degree title to fit their career goals and choose their own courses to satisfy learning outcomes they write themselves.

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Booth Honors Program

The Booth Honors Program at Utah Tech University serves students who want to explore, grow, and excel. The Booth Honors Program challenges students to do their best academically, creatively, and personally.

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Create Your Own Degree

IAS degree programs allow students to pursue the subjects that they are passionate about, and IAS faculty and staff help students to create connections between those subjects.

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Mission Statement

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Department produces students who understand that all learning is interdisciplinary and integrative in nature, and who apply that understanding to pursue answers to complex real-world problems through scholarly and creative means.

Nancy Ross

Department Chair


Phone: 435-652-7813

Office: COE 152

Program Advisor

Phone: 435-879-4290